How to Become a Poker Shark

How to Become a Shark in Poker?

Poker is a favorite pastime of many people around the globe but the percentage of those actually winning in the game on a consistent base is pretty low. Those elusive winners are often referred to as „sharks,“ poker players who have the necessary knowledge and skill to constantly best their opposition and come out on top.

Those who follow poker closely know these aren’t some myths or fairy tales – there are people who built their entire (successful) careers around poker. So, the question isn’t if it is possible but rather how can one do it? How to become a shark in poker?

Hard Work and Dedication

To many who play poker recreationally, it is an entertaining activity that doesn’t require too much effort. To successful players, however, it is much more than that. To become a poker shark, you need to always stay ahead of the curve and understand the game better than a majority of the players you’re up against.

The only way to achieve this is through hard work and dedication. Only by constantly working to improve your own game can you hope to become a shark. This means watching training videos, reading poker strategy books and articles and, perhaps more than anything else, fixing leaks in your own game. A true poker shark is always on the lookout to find and fix any serious flaws in their own approach to the game before anything else.

Proper Money Handling Is Essential to Become a Shark in Poker

Poker and money go hand in hand and to become a successful poker player, you need to be cautious about the money you have available for play – i.e. your poker bankroll. The only way to move ahead in poker is by playing in games your bankroll can take because variance is an essential part of the game. Even the best have losing sessions and losing stretches, so you need to handle your money to avoid going broke. If you don’t have funds to work with, you won’t get far.

Keeping Your Emotions in Check

To become a shark in poker, you’ll need to learn to control your emotions. A good player rarely gets emotional at the table, even if things are going really bad. If you let your emotions get better of you, your decisions will suffer and this will inevitably lead to subpar results. Of course, learning to keep your emotions in check is a long and hard process but it is the one you’ll need to undergo if you want to become a true poker shark!